Nico Robin

Series creator Eiichiro Oda has stated that Nico Robin is represented by the color purple and she smells of flowers. Her favorite foods are sandwiches, cakes that are not too sweet, and things that go well with coffee.

Nico Robin is an archaeologist and historian, and possibly the only person in the current One Piece era who can read the fictional poneglyph language. Her dream is to find and decipher the Rio Poneglyph, which is believed to lie at the end of the Grand Line on the island of Raftel.

As an archaeologist, Robin values ancient artifacts and buildings and will risk her life to protect them. She becomes extremely angry with those who destroy these ancient relics. This is best demonstrated during her fight against the Skypeian Yama, who destroyed many of the ruins they were surrounded by to hurt Robin. Robin is consistently portrayed as the wisest and most sensible member of the crew. She has vast knowledge of the One Piece world, and usually keeps her head during surprising situations, allowing her to logically analyze them without losing her cool. This is in direct contrast to the other Straw Hats, who often overreact comically or melodramatically to unexpected happenings and hold irrational ideas and conclusions. Even if the rest of the crew are subjected to extreme facial expressions at the same time, Robin would continue to keep the same calm face.

As a child, Robin lived on the island of Ohara in the West Blue. She studied archeology and history, and became an official archaeologist at the age of eight. Her mother Nico Olivia left her when she was two years old to study poneglyphs and discover the truth of the One Piece world's lost history. Olivia is captured and the Marines discover the secret of Ohara's scholars. She escapes and rushes to Ohara to warn her colleagues. Robin meanwhile has been spending time with a giant named Jaguar D. Sauro, who washed up on shore and later turns out to be a vice-admiral of the marines. Robin and Saul make quick friends while he is building a raft to leave the island, but when he discovers who Robin's mother is he warns her that a 'Buster Call' is on the way to Ohara to destroy all of the scholars. During the ensuing battle, Saul destroys a number of Marine ships to protect Robin, but he is eventually killed by Vice-Admiral Kuzan (later known as Aokiji) Kuzan shows Robin mercy, allowing her to escape to a nearby island. The World Government places a bounty on her head of 79 Million berry, claiming she is responsible for the destruction of six Marine ships. She spends several years allying herself with various pirates and other unsavory groups in her search for the poneglyphs, but she is constantly betrayed, gradually eroding her ability to trust people. At 24 years old, she goes to work for Sir Crocodile as "Miss All Sunday", and meets the Straw Hat pirates during the Arabasta rebellion. After the defeat of Crocodile, she stows away on board the Going Merry, telling Luffy that since he saved her when she had no reason to live, he is now responsible for her life.

After the Enies Lobby Arc, Robin becomes one of the center pieces of the crew as she is taken by the World Government. With the help of Franky, the Straw Hat crew go to war with the World Government and face the dreaded CP9 all for the sake of rescuing Robin. It is here Luffy ask Robin what she wants and she exclaims that she wants to live and that she now has a purpose to live for. With this the Straw Hat crew go on the offensive and rescue Robin.

Another one of Robin's unique characteristic is the way she calls her fellow crew members by their own distinct characteristics. Zoro as Mr. Swordsman, Nami as Miss Navigator, Usopp as Mr. Long Nose, and so forth.

Robin's measurements, according to series author Eiichiro Oda are:
Height: 188cm (6'2")
Bust99 Waist59 Hips89 (39-23-35").

Powers and abilities

Robin ate the Hana Hana no Mi (ハナハナの実 Hana Hana no Mi) (Flower Flower Fruit in the English Manga) allowing her to create copies of any of her body parts on any solid surface that she can see, such as her own body, on the bodies of others or on other objects. In battle she most often employs grappling techniques to incapacitate her foe; by replicating her limbs on their body she eliminates the need for close range combat. Robin usually names her techniques using the French word 'Fleur', preceded by a Spanish number corresponding to the number of limbs reproduced. In the 4kids dub, she instead says a number in English before saying "floret". If Robin's replicated body parts are damaged in some way, the damage appears on her actual body.

Robin is extremely intelligent, having taught herself archeology at a very young age. She is also capable of reading poneglyphs, indestructible tablets believed to have been created by an extinct civilization that contain information about the 'Void Century'.

No limit has been given for Robin's replicating ability, but Oda has confirmed that she can only sprout limbs a distance of "200 Hana Hanas" away

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