Ran Mouri

Ran was born on October. Ran is a childhood friend and the main romantic interest of Shinichi Kudo and the daughter of private detective Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki, a lawyer. Her parents separated when she was six, and one of her biggest goals is to get them back together.

Ran is the captain of the karate team of Teitan High School and therefore is very powerful as demonstrated when she wins her Regional Championship. Besides that, she is also very talented and very lucky in gambling. She is so lucky that she amazingly wins in all of the gambling games she ever played.

After Shinichi disappears, a boy named Conan Edogawa comes to stay with Ran, acting as her surrogate little brother. Little does Ran know that "Conan" is actually Shinichi shrunken down to size. Shortly after meeting him, she reveals her true feelings about Shinichi to him.

In time Ran suspects that he is actually Shinichi, but Shinichi always manages to "prove" to her otherwise. This happens many times, and in one she was actually so sure until Shinichi (temporarily restored to his true age) appears at the same time as Conan (actually Anita Hailey). Every time Ran learns that Conan is Shinichi, she tries to make him confess the truth. She also fantasies that Shinichi is with a brown/blond-haired woman (one of them had happened without her knowing, which was Episode 129 of the series) all the time.

Ran and Shinichi Kudo

Ran and Shinichi are childhood friends. It is likely that they have known each other since the were born due to Eri Kisaki and Yukiko Kudo's friendship. Ran likes Shinichi romantically but isn't adverse to knocking him down a peg when he gets a little too arrogant.

Ran and Shuichi Akai

Ran and Shuichi Akai meet briefly in New York City during the 'Golden Apple' case(episodes 286-288 in the anime and manga chapters 350-354) while Akai is looking for a serial killer. Ran, knowing the description of said murderer (long hair and of Japanese descent), first mistook Akai for the serial killer. She is soon proved wrong. Later she runs into Akai back in Japan but doesn't recognize him. Akai notes at that time that she was very similar to Akemi Miyano(his deceased girlfriend and Ai's sister).

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