Princess Peach

Princess Peach (ピーチ姫 Pīchi-hime?) is the princess of the fictitious Mushroom Kingdom, and often plays the "damsel in distress" role in the adventure series. Peach is portrayed as the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. King And Queen Toadstool, her mother and father, rule the kingdom. Peach first appeared in Super Mario Bros. and has been kidnapped several times by the series' main antagonist, Bowser.

In Super Mario Bros. 2, players could go through the game as Princess Toadstool. Toadstool, along with Mario, Luigi and Toad, were called by the Subcon to save their dream land from the evil Wart. Toadstool's main ability was that she could hover for a limited time after jumping left or right. This makes her a popular choice amongst players, since her jumping skills allow her to easily make jumps over larger areas than other characters.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, Bowser made a new attempt on capturing the princess. Hearing of it, Princess Toadstool asked Mario and Luigi to rescue the Mushroom Kings, sending them items while they were on their quest and providing them with power-ups after completing each level.

In Super Mario World, Mario, Luigi and Toadstool were having a vacation in Dinosaur Land when Bowser once again kidnapped her. This time, she was held captive in Bowser's Castle in the Valley of Bowser. Bowser had brought her inside his Koopa Clown Car for the final battle against the brothers. Toadstool was helping Mario in the final battle by throwing mushrooms at him right before Bowser retreated after being hit three times. In the end, Toadstool was rescued by Mario, and she gave him a kiss.

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