Gemini Kanon

Gemini Kanon (双子座のカノン Jemini no Kanon?), also known as Sea Dragon Kanon (海龍のカノン Shīdoragon no Kanon?) is directly responsible for triggering two main events : the conflict of the 12 temples by inciting Gemini Saga to succumb to his evil desires, and the resurrection of Poseidon, Emperor of the Seas. Also, Kanon is notable for redeeming himself after all his sins in the past and wreaking havoc as the Gemini Gold Saint in the army of Hades' 108 Specters.

At first, Kanon was depicted as a treacherous man, always tempting his twin brother to use his status and power to advance his status of influence beyond that of a Gold Saint. He concluded that their amazing and powerful abilities were gifts from the Gods for them to take advantage of. Much to his dismay, his brother opposed this and caused his incarceration at Cape Sounion. After his redemption, however, Kanon becomes a much centered person, much like his brother.

Kanon's abilities are equal to Saga. Just like his brother, Kanon can distort space and time with his Cosmos, create illusions, manipulate minds and use telekinetic powers. Kanon also has fully control of the 7th sense, which is what allows him to move at the speed of light. During Hades' saga, Kanon successfully achieved the 8th sense so he could travel to the underworld to fight the Specters.

Like his brother his most powerful attack is Galaxian Explosion (ギャラクシアンエクスプロージョン gyarakushian ekusupurōjon?). When used at maximum power, the power of this move is said to be as powerful as the explosion of a star system or a galaxy, which is seen in the background whenever Kanon uses this technique. When it explodes the force of this technique can destroy souls whereas they have no physical body.

Illusion Fist (幻朧拳 Genrōken?) and the more powerful Illusion Demon Emperor's Fist (幻朧魔皇拳 Genrōmaōken?) allow Kanon to strike into the mind of his opponents. He can "brainwash" the opponent into doing his bidding and even make them go against their most precious assets. The effect of this technique can be undone only if the victim sees someone die in front of his own eyes. Although the Saint Seiya Episode G shows this technique as exclusive to the Popes of the Sanctuary, Kanon states he has this power. Using this technique he can also paralyze the targets nervous system, leaving him open to an attack.

Another Dimension (アナザーディメンション Anazā Dimenshon?) and Golden Triangle (ゴールデントライアングル gōruden toraianguru?) allows his cosmo to bend the space and time itself to a different dimension, trapping his opponents inside. The technique not only sends physical bodies to a different dimension but also intangible beings such as soul. The second one holds connections with the Bermuda Triangle

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