E. Honda

Edmond Honda (エドモンド 本田 Edomondo Honda?), more commonly known as E. Honda is a professional sumo wrestler, and his shikona for sumo is mentioned as "Fujinoyama." He wears his black hair in a chonmage and wears only a blue and red mawashi. His face is painted in the kumadori style of makeup used inkabuki. Honda's signature move is the Hyaku Retsu Harite (lit., "Hundred Violent Sumo Hands"; commonly referred to as the Hundred Hand Slap). He is one of the original eight playable characters in Street Fighter II, representing Japan alongside Ryu. Honda in initial designs for the game was dubbed simply "Sumo", and stated that he would be a character recognizable by Americans and popular in Japan. In his backstory E. Honda is mentioned to have begun his training as a child, singularly focused on becoming the greatestsumo wrestler of all time.

He would eventually achieve the highly-revered titled of "Ōzeki" (in the English localization of the early Street Fighter IIports, he is stated as having achieved the title, Yokozuna). Honda became upset that the rest of the world did not view sumo wrestling with the reverence of the Japanese. He entered into the second World Warrior tournament intent on showing everyone that sumo wrestlers rank among the greatest fighters in the world. Beyond this, he yearns also to improve and prove his own strength, as well as earn the title of Yokuzuna.

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