Master Roshi (Kame Sennin)

Master Roshi (武天老師亀仙人 Muten Rōshi Kame Sennin?) His appearance is that of an old human's, though he is stronger than most beings on Earth. The "Turtle Immortal" (or "Turtle Hermit") is an ancient and wise martial arts master and the first Earthling to wield the Kamehameha.

Roshi is notorious for his perverted actions throughout the series and is constantly watching young women on television exercise shows in his spare time or looking at pornographic magazines. He even bribes the young teen Bulma, to show him her panties (although that particular day she wasn't wearing them because a young Goku pulled them off while she was sleeping) in exchange for a Dragon Ball earlier in the series. Roshi frequently flirts with or harasses women; often Bulma and Launch. He is usually comically beaten for these acts. And since Krillin married Android #18 and moving into the Kame House, Roshi has made hobbies of flirting with #18, but suffering the consequences.

Still, he is depicted to be a very wise and gentle person, who loves life and its simple pleasures, but is willing to die if necessary, such as when performing the Mafuba technique (Evil Containment Wave in the English dub) against Piccolo Daimao.

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