Tenshinhan (天津飯? nicknamed Ten) Ten is bald and has three eyes, the third placed on his forehead. The third eye is from becoming enlightened. In the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai, Ten is slashed on his chest by his former master's brother Mercenary Tao, leaving a permanent scar for the rest of the series. His outfits change consistently as the series goes on, and he usually doesn't wear a shirt when fighting. In Dragon Ball, he wears blue pants, a red belt, a black hat, and a green and yellow surcoat bearing Tsuru-Sen'nin's kanji. After leaving his master, he abandons the surcoat and hat and wears a white sleeveless shirt. In the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, his outfit is the same, except that his pants are now green. During the fight against Androids, Ten replaces his shirt with a green sash that covers only his left side, exposing his scar on the right. During the Cell Games he wears a short-sleeved white shirt. During the Majin Buu Saga, Ten's outfit changes completely, consisting of a blue sleeveless-shirt over a white undershirt, blue-white pants, and a white cape.

Some of Ten's capabilities include the Kamehameha, as well as the ability to fire other chi energy blasts, telepathy, flight, and duplication. His main ki energy techniques are the Dodonpa (Dodon Ray in English), a beam of energy fired from his finger tip, the Taiyoken (Solar Flare in English), a flash of intense light that can temporarily blind an opponent and the Kikohou (Tri-Beam in English), a powerful square or rectangular shaped blast fired while his hands form the shape of a triangle. This attack's impact is so great that it can leave a huge crater in the ground, but its so strong that it can drain his energy if used continuously. He also has a good amount of strength which helps him against bigger enemies (though not as strong as Goku).

From Roshi, Ten acquired the Mafuba technique, which he attempts to use against King Piccolo.

Ten also knows the Shi Shin no Ken (the Twelve Eyes technique in English). When performing this technique, Ten copies himself and the clones are used as eyes to see where an opponent will strike next. The only flaw is that the user's power level is divided equally among the user and all of his clones.

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