Capricorn Shura

Capricorn Shura (山羊座のシュラ Kapurikōn no Shura?) belongs to the fabled rank of Gold Saint hierarchy among the other 12 Gold Saints. His guardian star is of the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Shura is the Gold Saint that underwent some modifications in his ideology when the manga was adapted to animation. While the anime series shows Shura as being the most loyal Saint to Athena, Kurumada depicted in his manga a Capricorn Saint that at first was somewhat reluctant, but short moments before his death, rediscovered his loyalty to Athena, and remained faithful to her even after his death. According to the manga, Shura, just like Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphrodite, knew that Gemini Saga was behind the Pope's mask but he still was obeying his orders. As he says in his fight against Shiryu, he doesn't believe anyone fights for a god anymore, so he doesn't care about fighting for Athena. He considered that those with power, were automatically qualified to be judged just. He thought that the Pope, even being evil, using that power, could use it for some good.

Shura relies on his ability to quickly deal damage in his enemies using his Excalibur attack combined to his speed of light, achieved with the 7th sense. He houses the power of the holy sword in both his arms and legs, thus being capable of use them as they were extremely sharp blades. Excalibur is regarder as the most powerful weapon of the entire series: in the non-canonical Saint Seiya Lost Canvas the previous incarnation of Shura, Capricorn El Cid, was capable of cleaving in four halves the arrow of the Sagittarius Cloth and cutting in half Genbu Gregor, a Spectre whose Surplice was as hard as diamond. His secret techniques are:
Excalibur (聖剣 ekusukaribā?): In the anime, it was said that in mythical times, Athena granted the legendary sword Excalibur only to a Saint who proved his undying loyalty towards the goddess. This technique is a very sharp blast, composed of extreme cosmo concentration released by his arms and legs movements. Since it is quickly released, it can be used multiple times.
Double Excalibur (ダブルエクスカリバー daburu ekusukaribā?): This technique was only used in Saint Seiya Episode G. It consists in the use of the Excalibur with his left arm in addition to the right arm, simulating a two-swords fighting style.
Jumping Stone (ジャンピングストーン janpingu sutōn?): When Shura is thrown by the impact of some attack, he grabs his enemy with his legs and flips both of them, so he will be released of the attack and the enemy will be thrown by his own attack.

It is hinted Shura achieved the 8th sense to be able to help the other Gold Saints in the Wailing wall. In Saint Seiya Episode G, he also was able to reach Dunamis, the power of the gods, to cut Galaxy Creios' holy armor using the Double Excalibur.

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