Sagittarius Aioros

Sagittarius Aioros (射手座のアイオロス Sajitariasu no Aiorosu?) is one of the 12 Guardians of Sanctuary, with the Sagittarius as his destined constellation. Aioros is the famous gold saint who died protecting Athena when she was an infant. Aioros always was a paradigm of righteousness, seen as the perfect Saint and one of the two Gold Saints who could succeed Aries Shion as the next Pope of Sanctuary and the chosen one. Not much is known about Aioros, since he died before the main story began. More of him is seen in Saint Seiya Episode G, like his relationship with Garan, a servant of his young brother, Leo Aiolia, who once trained with Aioros for the Sagittarius cloth. Despite his condition, Aioros managed to help the main characters many times sending his cloth to aid them. Aioros is probably named after the Greek god of Wind, Aeolus.

Although Aioros' moves were not shown in the original manga, there are nevertheless two techniques that were attributed to him in other mediums: one in the anime adaptation, and another in Episode G. They are:
Atomic Thunderbolt ( atomikku sandāboruto?): Aioros shoots a massive amount of energy balls with some electric charge. This attack is from the anime, and was revealed during a flashback fight against Capricorn Shura.
Infinity Break ( infiniti bureiku?): This technique allows Aioros to shoot an infinite number of light darts that pierce anything upon contact. With this attack, Aioros destroyed Horus' army in Saint Seiya: Episode G.

Aioros' cloth, Sagittarius Cloth, is armed with a bow and a golden arrow. This arrow is often depicted as the main weapon of the series and gives the final blow in four of the five movies of the series when is used by Pegasus Seiya. It was hinted on the original series and confirmed in Saint Seiya Episode G that the golden arrow can concentrate the Cosmos of those surrounding it if they wish.

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