Scorpio Milo

Scorpio Milo (蠍座のミロ Sukōpion no Miro?) is the guardian of the 8th House in the Sanctuary, the Scorpio Temple. Milo is the Scorpio Gold Saint. Since his main technique inflicts immense pain to its victims, Milo always gives his opponents the option to either surrender, or become insane due to the unbearable pain. He also sees great importance in the pride of the Gold Saints and seems to be always ready to clean the name of his companions. Even so, he is a noble warrior who can admit defeat even against a weaker or inferior enemy. Since Milo fought Hyoga, he spoke to Aquarius Camus in a way that led the fans to believe they were close friends. Apparently, this was made official since the anime adaptation of the Hades arc of the manga included more interaction between them and they are depicted as friends in Saint Seiya Episode G.
Milo is first seen at the Scorpio Temple, where he confronted Pegasus Seiya and Dragon Shiryu. The two Bronze Saints were no match for Milo's power. First they were set back by his Restriction, and later injured by his Scarlet Needle. When both of them had lost the will to fight, Cygnus Hyoga, along with an unconscious Andromeda Shun, arrived at the Scorpio House where he challenged the Gold Saint.
In the manga, however, Hyoga came before Seiya and Shiryu could start to fight.

Milo attacked Hyoga with his Restriction technique, although it had no effect in the Cygnus Saint because Hyoga's body was being protected by ice. After his first attact was ineffective, Milo started to use his Scarlet Needle on Hyoga. Hyoga could do nothing against Milo's speed, and after almost all his attacts failed to injure the Gold Saint, a nearly senseless Hyoga awakened his seventh sense and launched an Aurora Thunder Attack on Milo. At the same time Milo attacked Hyoga with the last Scarlet Needle, Antares. Both fighters clashed in the middle of the House, but Hyoga dropped to the floor after he received Antares.
Looking down at Hyoga, Milo saw that he was trying to crawl to the next House. After seeing this, the Gold Saint realized that Hyoga's attack had frozen his Gold Cloth in the 15 places where the stars of Scorpio are located. Following this, Milo recognized that Hyoga had hit him just as he received Antares, and if he had not been wearing his Gold Cloth, he would probably have died first. Milo as a true Saint admitted his defeat, and after he stopped Hyoga's bleeding he allowed him to go to the next House. After the battle in the 12 Houses ended, to atone himself, Milo used his own blood to repair the Cygnus bronze cloth.

Milo had mastered the 7th sense, so he is able to move freely at the speed of light. It is also implied that he reached the 8th sense to wake up in Cocytos. His fighting style seems to rely upon quick movements. His secret techniques are
Restriction (リストリクション risutorikushon?): Milo uses his Cosmo energy to stop the movements of his opponents. According to Shiryu and Seiya, the person caught by this technique sense a strong fear like they were about to get stinged by the scorpion.
Scarlet Needle (スカーレットニードル sukāreto nīdoru?): Milo launches a crimson needle to 14 parts of the body to poison opponents, makes them bleed, and scream in pain, losing their 5 senses in the process, the attack is impossible to be diverted or defended. Each needle represents one of the stars of the Scorpio constellation. He can shoot how many needles he wants at the same time up to 14 and even in multiple targets. The holes of the needles draw a miniature of the Scorpio constellation on the body of the victim. The final attack of the Scarlet Needle and the main point of Scorpio is Antares (アンタレス antaresu?). If the rival has not yet been defeated after 14 Scarlet Needles, Milo uses Antares. Whoever receives 14 Scarlet Needles and Antares will die. However if the Antares is not delivered, the victim might survive and gradually recover over a period of a few days given the massive blood loss. It is hinted that the Antares is a close range technique, so Milo delivers it directly on the victim's body instead of launching it like the other Scarlet Needles.

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