Naraku (奈落 ?, meaning "underworld" or "hell") is the main antagonist in the anime and manga series InuYasha. He is directly responsible for the death of the character Kikyo and the seal placed on the series' protagonist, InuYasha. He is also the cause of most of the troubles and problems facing the other major characters, making his destruction the overall focus of their quest due to the pain he has personally caused them. As half-demon and later a demon, Naraku desires the Shikon-no-Tama, a jewel that would be able to grant him near-invincibility should he acquire all the pieces of it. Although early in the series he desires the jewel to purge his half-human self from his body, after he becomes a full demon he desires the jewel to enhance his strength even further. He is repeatedly opposed by InuYasha and his friends, along with several other characters in the series. Naraku has seemingly countless abilities, many of which may be unknown. Many of his powers are granted/enhanced by the large amount of Shikon-no-tama shards he has. Those that he has revealed are as follows:

Naraku's minion wasps from hell. They are useful for stopping Miroku's Wind Tunnel, spying on his enemies, and gathering Jewel shards. Their stings are fatally toxic to both humans and demons alike, but they are rather weak as demons come and are thus easily and numerously slain by InuYasha's group.
He can take the form of anything he chooses (usually a humanoid), and change his voice along with his physical appearance. He can also change his body however he wants. This is seen when he fights Sesshomaru in an attempt to absorb him.
Demon puppets
Puppets which resemble him. He controls them from afar and can see through their eyes. They are mostly made of mud and soil, and are able to spring roots in order to attack opponents.
Superhuman strength and speed
Much like Sesshomaru, Naraku is far stronger than a normal demon and can move faster than the eye can see, both in the air and on the ground.
Similarly to Sesshomaru, Naraku possesses the ability to float midair, and to ride upon a cloud of his own shoki. After his transformation into a full yokai, Naraku never chose to employ his shoki-sustained flight, but flew only by the strength of his will.
Demon parts
As he is made up of multiple demons in one body, Naraku is able to manipulate their body parts at will in order to restructure and strengthen his body, and he can also regenerate himself from injury and reform his body parts if they are cut off. He most commonly uses these parts to form tentacles which he uses to attack.
And many more.

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  • Ria  
    6:17 AM

    Inuyasha would be a crappy show without Naraku and his incarnations, especially Kagara. Hell, even Hukudoshi was cool to watch. However, I do believe if you're gonna end the series abruptly, Naraku should have been defeated.

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