Sesshomaru (殺生丸 Sesshōmaru?) is the older half-brother of the series' protagonist, InuYasha. Sesshomaru's role in the series has varied from antagonist, to hero, and most often an anti-hero, depending on his current situation, but he is consistently shown as InuYasha's rival and the two have fought many times. Their rivalry runs deep, influenced primarily by Sesshomaru's hatred for half-breeds (which InuYasha is) and his blaming InuYasha for the death of their father. He also hates InuYasha for possessing their father's legendary sword Tetsusaiga, which he believes is rightfully his.
The weapons used by Sesshomaru :

Tenseiga (天生牙 ?, lit. Heavenly Life Fang)
Tenseiga (also known as the 'Immortal Fang' or simply 'Heavenly Fang') is a sword that can revive the dead. It does this by letting Sesshomaru see the pall-bearer imps that take away the souls of the dead so that he may destroy them with Tenseiga. In extreme cases, the Tenseiga also protects Sesshomaru from potentially lethal attacks. When in use, the Tenseiga has a blue aura. Later in the manga, the Tenseiga is reforged by Tōtōsai to become a weapon, allowing Sesshomaru to use the Meidou Zangetsuha. It is later revealed that the ability and the sword itself is merely a cast off of the Tetsusaiga; his father wanted Sesshomaru to master the Meidou Zangetsuha, then pass it back to InuYasha, knowing that InuYasha couldn't handle the technique himself. Sesshomaru discards the sword as his father wished, giving the ability back to the Tetsusaiga and making the Tenseiga only a healing sword once again.
Tōkijin (闘鬼神 ?, lit. Demon-Fighting God)
Tōkijin is a sword crafted by the evil sword smith Kaijinbō from the fangs of Goshinki as part of Sesshomaru's continued efforts to obtain Tetsusaiga or a sword matching it in power. It can fire off extremely powerful blasts of pure evil energy, but because it is filled with Goshinki's malice, only Sesshomaru can wield it without being controlled by it. Tōkijin can be used to blow back and injure an enemy with a powerful pinkish-purple aura, generated as the manifestation of pure hatred. It can also be used to slash at an opponent either directly or with kenatsu, and, like Tenseiga, can perform Sōryūha; however, being "only an oni's fang," Tōkijin initially could not withstand repeated uses of Sōryūha the way that Tenseiga could. Later in the manga, Sesshomaru broke Tōkijin while battling Mōryōmaru, and afterwards abandoned the broken pieces with no further interest in keeping the sword. He instead searched for a replacement, which he found in the Meidou Zangetsuha ability of the Tenseiga.
Bakusaiga (爆砕牙 ?, lit. Explosive Crushing Fang)
Bakusaiga is Sesshomaru's most recent signature weapon. The Bakusaiga manifested itself in the hand of Sesshomaru's fully regenerated, and longtime-severed, left arm during his battle with Magatsuhi. The sword is the polar opposite of the Tenseiga, as it has the power to decompose any organic material that its blade comes in contact with, nullifying any regenerative abilities while doing so. Miroku comments that Naraku would suffer the same affliction should he absorb any demon wounded by Bakusaiga. The blade itself is the manifestation of Sesshomaru's own true power, born from his detachment of InuYasha's Tetsusaiga. Its birth signifies Sesshomaru's graduation into a full-fledged daiyōkai, which was long compromised by his obsession with Tetsusaiga. Totosai comments that his ability to manifest his own blade suggests his strength has surpassed that of his father's and connotes his growth through the many trials he endured to emerge as a daiyōkai, with the Bakusaiga serving as the product of this 'rite of passage'.
Much like the Tetsusaiga's Kaze no Kizu, the Bakusaiga can also unleash massively powerful amounts of yōki, enough to slay thousands of demons with one swing. Though similar, Rumiko stated that Bakusaiga's wave attack, which is similar to the Kaze no Kizu, possesses greater power than a full power Bakuryūha from Tetsusaiga.
Staff of Two Heads
The Staff of Two Heads is also called the Staff of Skulls, nintōjo or Two-Headed Staff. It can locate Sesshomaru's father's grave or perhaps Tetsusaiga itself, as well as blast streams of flame. The Staff of Two Heads is usually held by his assistant Jaken.
Also, it has been shown that the Staff of Two Heads can be used to summon yōkai.

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    Sesshomaru is awesome. I loved the fact that he has a love/hate relationship with humans. He's also one of the sexiest bishes in anime.

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    him and naraku are my favorate even thow i like sesshomaru a little bit more


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    but sweetpeoples would kill them all

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