Kikyo (桔梗 Kikyō?) means "Chinese bellflower" in Japanese, which symbolizes "Unchanging Love". During her life, Kikyo was a powerful priestess with a calm reserved manner. With her kindness, she had helped many people along her path. She was apparently very intelligent as well, and although she rarely smiled with joy, she showed her internal sadness at times. Her only wish was to become an ordinary woman. However, since she was a priestess with tremendous spiritual power, she felt that it would be inappropriate for her to express any personal emotions in front of anyone. Kikyo was first introduced as the previous incarnation of Kagome, with whom InuYasha had once quarreled with in the events preceding the main story. However, it is later revealed that Kikyo and InuYasha were beginning to fall in love, but were tricked into betraying each other by Naraku. Kikyo was led to believe that InuYasha was leading her on to steal the sacred jewel at the time of her death.

When Kikyo was resurrected by the Urasue, she was consumed with hate and the desire for revenge on InuYasha, the person she considered directly responsible for her death. Initially, Kikyo's soul is full of only this dark desire for revenge on InuYasha, but later changed her focus to Naraku after learning it was his doing. She is often seen helping the needy and ill along her way while wondering if she'll ever find peace. She learns the whole story of InuYasha's betrayal when she asks Kaede to relay it to her. Though initially cold-hearted with a vengeance when she was resurrected, Kikyo learned new lessons every day, and still loved InuYasha even when her main goal in her new life was to kill Naraku in order to reclaim the Shikon jewel from Naraku's corruption.

Abilities and Techniques
Sacred arrow (Hama no Ya) (破魔の矢)
The magic arrow of a shrine maiden, though Kikyo is actually an exception — her purifying powers (like Midoriko's) are unique to her and Kagome (her reincarnation) — other mikos do not have the same extent of purifying ability to destroy demons. Kikyo can slay demons using her arrows enchanted with her spiritual powers. Usually demons are completely obliterated when struck.
Arrow of sealing (Fūin no Ya) (封印の矢)
She used this arrow to seal InuYasha to the Sacred Tree (Goshinboku) after Naraku tricks her into believing that InuYasha attacked her.
With a simple touch is able to paralyze her victims (e.g. Kagome).
Pit of Hell
Kikyo once attempted to bring InuYasha to hell with her as her souls and soul collectors, were drawn into a hole that she was creating, possibly meaning she is connected with the afterlife by bringing enemies to hell, as she is a spirit.
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